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Flip Flippen writes a Guest BLOG for SUCCESS Magazine on "Creating Safety in Your Organization". | November 2010
Flip Flippen writes a Guest BLOG for SUCCESS Magazine on "The Five Laws of Personal Constraints". (PDF) | September 2009
In an interview for SUCCESS Magazine, top Leadership Expert, Flip Flippen, weighs in on the question – “What practices do leaders execute daily, monthly and yearly to achieve success?”  Read and learn how to become a more effective, admirable and dynamic leader – starting now! | April 2009

Read about Flip’s strategies for identifying personal constraints and his plan for breaking free of them in an article for SUCCESS Magazine. | April 2009

What are the key qualities of a GREAT salesperson?  In a recent article for SUCCESS Magazine – read what Flip has to say about why some salespeople are unable to hook a buyer as masterfully as they seal a deal, and why many salespeople struggle to do both! | April 2009
Pam Lockard of DMN3 discusses her business and hiring practices in the Houston Business Journal. Beginning in 2002, DMN3 began requiring potential employees to fill out a profile that measures their strengths, weaknesses and overall traits. Developed by The Flippen Group, the 15-minute profile helps DMN3 match the right people with the right jobs.
(PDF) | June 2008
Stephen F. Austin State University alum Flip Flippen talks about his experience at the university and his book, "The Flip Side" in their newsletter "The SFA Vista". (PDF) | May 2008
Flip talks with "Enterprise Leadership", an online thought-leadership community for C-level executives of global companies such as Chevron, Valero Energy, Cingular, FedEx, as well as with academics from major business schools around the world. (PDF) | February 2008
Read this Q&A from The Hindu Business Line with Flip Flippen about constraints, feedback and behaviors in the workplace. (PDF) | November 2007
The Hindu, the leading English-language newspaper in India, with a circulation of about 1,180,000 and a readership of about 4.05 million, ran a review of THE FLIP SIDE. You can view it here. (PDF) | August 2007
Flip writes, "Being 'a Born Salesperson' Isn't Enough" for Destination | August 2007
Business Week's David E. Gumpert talks about "The Flip Side" in his column, "What Entrepreneurs Need To Know". (PDF) | July 2007
Dwayne Melancon reviews "The Flip Side" in his BLOG, Genuine Curiosity, Always on the Lookout for New Things to Learn. (PDF) | July 2007
From Life Insurance, Richard Hoe writes about "The Flip Side" in Broker's Bookcase. (PDF) | July 2007

Ezine Articles Book Review By Nancy Eaton

Be the best that you can be. How? There are several ways. Flip Flippen is the head of the Flippen Group which is one of the fastest growing corporate training companies in the U.S. This book is loaded with ways to help you do just that! Read the entire review here. | June 2007

Flip Flippen contributed this article on personal constraints for the June issue of Personal Excellence Magazine (PDF) | June 2007
The Wall Street Journal's talks with numerous people, including Flip Flippen, about landing the 'dream' job. (PDF) | May 22, 2007
The Eagle talks to Flip Flippen about 'The Flip Side' and his company being voted as the No. 2 business to work for in Texas. | May 14, 2007's article entitled: "What the Romans Didn’t Know: Overcoming Personal Constraints to Achieve Higher Performance and Fulfillment". (PDF Presentation) | May 9, 2007
The Wall Street Journal's Deal Journal interviews Flip Flippen concerning the current actions of CEOs in America. (PDF) | May 2007
"The Flip Side" is featured as 'Book of the Month' for San Antonio's Express News and KENS5 at (PDF - Brief Article | Full Article) | April 2007
"Help People in The Office Lighten Up" article from Investor's Business Daily. (PDF) | April 2007
The CEO Refresher reviews and adds "The Flip Side" to its list of Recommended Reading. (PDF) | April 2007 talks with Flip Flippen about "The Flip Side" and the personal constraints within your sales reps.
(PDF) | March 2007
"The Flip Side" Press Release from Springboard Press (PDF) | January 2007
"The Flip Side" Press Release from Jane Wesman Public Relations
(PDF) | January 2007
Press Release: Texas Partners Honor the “60 Best Companies to Work for in Texas” at Awards Luncheon. | January 2007
The Flippen Group is the second best place to work in the state, according to Texas Monthly magazine. (PDF) | January 2007
Black Voice News: "County Implements World-Class Program". Read about how Capturing Kids' Hearts is affecting Riverside County Schools.
February 2007
Learn how the EXCEL Model™ focuses company leaders on the needs of your team and your organization.
PDF reprinted from 'The Actuary' | October/November, 2006
ITT has held "Inspiring Commitment" workshops for their employees across the globe, including the Systems Division staff. This newsletter describes how The Flippen Group's Leadership Series training was truly an eye-opening experience for everyone attending.
(PDF) | February 2006


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