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“Flip’s work on Personal Constraints is really outstanding.  I am pleased that he is sharing it with the reading public … it has tremendous benefit for those who go through the process of overcoming their personal constraints.”
Dick Ebersol, President, NBC Sports

“I have known Flip and his work with athletes and executives for several years.  The results his company (The Flippen Group) gets with executives and athletes is incredible.  We have been amazed at what they can accomplish and this book shows how it all works.”
Nolan Ryan, National Baseball Hall of Fame Pitcher

“Flip’s unique talent and approach to interpersonal dynamics is an invaluable tool for me in both business and in life. The results are remarkable.” 
Mark McCormack, Former President, IMG;

best-selling author of What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School

“My life will be changed forever for the better because of meeting Flip Flippen. I can honestly say my meeting Flip was one of the most significant things that has happened in my life.  I now know my constraints.”
Betsy Nagelson McCormack, Board Member, IMG and Professional Tennis Player

“These processes are powerful!  My NASCAR team went from 23rd to 12th in the team standings in just three months.”
Terry Bradshaw, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback; Partner, Fitz-Bradshaw Racing

“Not only is The Flippen Profile the best tool I’ve ever seen for selecting high performing players, Flip is unquestionably one of the world’s best at helping players optimize their potential. I may be a Hall of Famer, but I’m convinced that I could have performed at an even higher level with the kind of personalized coaching Flip Flippen provides.”
Anthony Munoz, NFL Hall of Fame


“The Flippen Group has pioneered a set of tools and processes that are truly world-class in their ability to bring the very best out of leaders and people around the world! As a business coach and presenter with Action International, I’ve trained over 10,000 business professionals. Over the years, I’ve become proficient with the very best practices in the world for selecting winning employees, coaching them to peak performance, and developing stunning leadership talent. The Flippen Profiling processes and Leadership Development events are far and away the best suite of tools and resources available for executives, managers, human resource professionals, and small business owners in the world. I couldn’t recommend them more highly. Prepare to be transformed!”
Eric Dombach, Certified Business Coach, Action International, 2005 Franchisee of the Year, International Franchising Association

“Flip Flippen is making an enormous impact inside our organization. Through his vast experience and commitment to our success, the Flippen Group processes have become a vital part of our culture. We look forward to our company's continued growth, both personal and professional. My recommendation to all business leaders -- contact The Flippen Group today and prepare yourself for the most positive life-changing experience you will ever have!”
Steve Gaffney, Senior Vice President, ITT Corporation,
“One of the top 20 defense contractors in America” — Washington Post

“OPC Works!  We now understand and are able to address the personal constraints that are holding us down.  It benefits us individually as well as collectively.  We perform better as a team and are committed to each others success.  Within 6 months of applying these concepts in only a portion of the organization, it has the impact of increasing our sales by over $100M per year.” Kelvin Coppock, Vice President & Director of Program Management, Systems Division, ITT Industries, Inc.

“Flip, you are such an inspiration for all of us who have a dream and a passion that we want to share.  Your guidance and friendship have helped me become a better person at work and with friends.”
Claudine Lanctot, Value-Based Six Sigma Champion and Quality Director, Systems Division, ITT Industries, Inc.

"This was the most outstanding leadership training experience I have ever had.  It has changed my life, my daughter’s life, and my family life forever." 
Chris Bernhardt, President, Electronic Systems Division, ITT Industries, Inc.

“The Flippen Group's processes are outstanding. Not only have they assisted me in building a stronger company, but they have transformed my personal life. Flip is one of the most gifted personal/professional coaches I have met. I think every business leader should have the opportunity to meet Flip and his company.
David Weekley, Chairman, David Weekley Homes, One of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” – Fortune Magazine 2006

“Going through the Flippen group program and knowing Flip has had a profound impact on my life, personally and professionally.  His method of helping people understand their constraints and establishing a plan to overcome them is unique and very effective.  I am sure that you will benefit from reading this book.”
Mark Bourgeois, President, Private Equity Funds Group, UBS Investment Bank

“Your dedication to helping people achieve their highest potential has had a lasting and positive impact on our company.”
Chuck Scheper, Chief Operating Officer, Great American Financial Resources, Inc.

"Flip, I know you have been focusing on this theory for a long time. This is an extremely insightful look into the challenges we all face in overcoming our own personal constraints!  I am honored to endorse this book, and I am certain it will be a tremendous success and a must-read for anyone who desires to perform at a higher level!”
Bradley E. Lehmann, President, Lehmann Management Corporation

“The Flippen Group has an admirable list of clients, and an equally admirable history of being able to go straight to the root cause of personal constraints . . . then, to turn these personal constraints into sustained improvement.  It’s powerful, it’s proven, and I want you to know about it.”
Steve Hoech, Vice President of Employee Relations, Zachry Construction Corporation, the largest privately held direct-hire contractor in the US

“Flip’s theory of Personal Constraints has had a tremendous influence on my life and professional practice. Rather than having to simply accept my weaknesses, I can develop practical strategies and behavioral alternatives to overcome my constraints.”
Dr. Keith Byrom, Ph.D., Director of Employment/Employee Relations, Zachry Construction Corporation, the largest privately held direct-hire contractor in the US

“Flip Flippen provides his readers a fascinating combination of therapist and visionary.  As a highly successful businessman, he has credibility among his peers in developing strategies to overcome personal constraints.  His book will facilitate new perspectives on personal growth and unlock the power of self-awareness at a much deeper level.”
R. Thomas Mayes, Jr., CFP®, Regional Managing Director, Calibre – Wachovia Family Office


Flip Flippen has written a clear and powerful book that should speak to anyone who's ever wondered how to get their personal 'balloon' to soar higher.  The message is one of courageous responsibility in addressing personal constraints, and reading The Flip Side has inspired me to keep going down that hard but rewarding road.  He is a man who consistently walks his talk.”
Bill Milliken, Founder and Vice Chairman, Communities in Schools

“I can think of no greater tool to increase the effectiveness of an outstanding group of administrators.  Jim Collins in Good To Great indicated that it is most difficult to move an organization, or individual, from good performance to the next level--he is right.  Your book and assessment techniques will provide me the opportunity to help my direct reports to become even more effective by addressing their ‘personal constraints.’  My direct reports will then have the opportunity to do the same, and the snowball will continue to grow and roll."
David Anthony, Superintendent, Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District

“It has been an honor to participate in the Flippen Leadership Series, which has provided to me personally a means of self-assessment and analysis of performance and productivity.  In our school district it will indeed have a profound effect upon our goal of becoming a high-performing team committed to make a positive impact in the lives of our children.”
Ann Killets, Chief Academic Officer, Palm Beach County School District (11th largest school district in the nation; Earned an “A” from the Florida Department of Education)

“Flip Flippen’s work on ‘Overcoming Personal Constraints’ is a must read for any leader.  The challenges of America’s urban leaders in performance accountability, public safety, budgetary shortfalls and politics underscore Flippen’s hypothesis that the organization cannot exceed the limitation of the leader!”
Art Johnson, Ph.D., Superintendent, Palm Beach County School District (11th largest school district in the nation; Earned an “A” from the Florida Department of Education)

"Over the years, I have watched your organization grow and develop into a profoundly positive enterprise.  The combination of your innovative methods, inspirational leadership, and incessant energy was certain to be fruitful.  Thank you for the great contributions to education that you have made."
Senator Stephen E. Ogden, State of Texas


"Flip Flippen has done amazing work with educators, business executives, sports figures and especially children.  His new book, THE FLIP SIDE, should be a daily companion for those who want to excel and who want to free themselves of the personal constraints that may be holding them back."
Paula Zahn, Host Paula Zahn Now, CNN

"This is an incredibly personal, moving and inspiring book. You are guaranteed to be guided to have a good look in the mirror and see the attitudes and behaviors that keep you from attaining real success - the top "killer constraints" that most of us are confronted with everyday. And there's good news, in the very practical approach presented to conquer your constraints. This one will twist your head and that's a good thing."
The CEO Refresher: Recommended Reading (April 2007)

“This book is just like Flip himself: straight on, powerful, loving, and practical.  He’s my tough love role model.  He’s transformed inner city kids, successfully raised 20+ kids of his own, and built an extraordinary company that improves the lives of thousands each year.  Everything he touches brings out the best in people. I implore you to let this book touch you.” 
Tom Hanson, Ph.D., Sports Psychologist, Co-Author: Who Will Do What By When:  How to Improve Performance, Accountability and Trust with Integrity

“Flip Flippen’s new book inspires us to discover the personal constraints that hold us back from accomplishing whatever we desire, and then shows us how we can cast those constraints aside to function at peak performance like so many of the world’s top achievers.  His practical approach to overcoming personal constraints is for anyone who craves success, but just can’t seem to get there.”
Paul J. Meyer, New York Times best-selling author and founder of Success Motivation International, Inc.

“Flip Flippen’s powerful, proven plan really works. Read this book and learn how to take charge of your own life.”
Tamara Lowe, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, Get Motivated Seminars, Inc.

"I believe that this is a book that will teach you more about yourself, than you could ever imagine."
Nando Parrado, survivor of the famed airline crash in the Andes who also led the other survivors to safety, portrayed in the 1993 movie Alive

“If you personally feel ‘stuck’ in your life, discovering your top ‘killer constraint’ in Flip’s new book The Flip Side could give you a new lease on taking ownership of your life!  … And if you’re dealing with difficult people in the workplace, The Flip Side will give you the tools you need to turn the tables in your favor.”
Andrea Jackson, Host, The Daily Buzz

"THE FLIP SIDE is packed with wisdom and real life stories.  I can't think of anyone this book would not speak to--parents, teachers, CEOs--that's how universal is its message.  Flip Flippen has a practical, inspiring way of exploring our lives that frees us to find our passions.  I highly recommend this book!"
Michael Gurian, Co-founder, the Gurian Institute, Author of The Wonder Of Boys and The Wonder Of Girls 



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