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Flip Flippen is a man with an uncompromising mission: “To build relationships and processes that bring out the best in people.” He has applied this lofty goal to his work with hundreds of thousands of individuals, including educators, K-12 students, executives, and athletes. With an emphasis on changing behaviors and attitudes that stand in the way of success, he has helped organizations – from small rural school districts to Fortune 500 companies – achieve dramatic improvement in performance, leadership, trust, and productivity.
Flip Flippen
He founded The Flippen Group in 1990. Today, it is one of the largest educator training companies and one of the fastest-growing leadership development organizations in North America. The company’s breakthrough educational processes and curricula are in use at thousands of school districts and campuses nation-wide. His Flippen Leadership Series, a dynamic training that helps leaders establish goals, uncover constraints, and develop action plans that improve performance and profit, has transformed organizations around the world.

Flip Flippen, an internationally renowned speaker and psychotherapist, developed The Flippen Profile, an unparalleled psychometric assessment tool that accurately identifies individual strengths and weaknesses. Using this powerful tool, Flip conceived the theory of Overcoming Personal Constraints (OPC), which teaches people how to break the constraints that limit performance and hinder growth. His book, The Flip Side Break Free of the Behaviors That Hold You Back, released May 2007, is a New York Times and USA Today Best Seller.

The success of his efforts has been documented on The Today Show, The Super Bowl Pre-Game Show, Speed Channel’s NBS 24/7, and in countless publications for more than twenty years.

Flip earned a Masters degree from Texas A & M University. Committed to public service, he has served on the Texas Governor’s Commission on Children, Youth, and Family Services and other committees and task forces. Flip and his talented wife Susan have a passion for kids and have helped raise more than twenty children. They reside in College Station, Texas.


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