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Personal Constraint Breakthrough Coaching

Can you immediately state the #1 constraint holding you back from higher performance or fulfillment?  If you are like most people, that’s difficult if not impossible, and that is exactly what we have done for people for over 10 years.  Every individual hopes to grow and achieve, both personally and professionally. But the path to success can be full of challenges. For many, the biggest hurdles come from within. Recognizing and overcoming personal constraints is an essential process for reaching one’s full potential. Personal Constraint Breakthrough Coaching provides one-on-one guidance from a senior level Flippen Group coach. The coach works with the participant to create a customized growth plan that will break through responds to internal constraints identified in The Flippen Profile.

The coaching process helps participants:
  • Uncover and overcome personal constraints
  • Identify self-limiting behavioral patterns and tendencies
  • Devise action plans to remove constraints and capitalize on strengths
  • Enhance self-awareness through 360° feedback
  • Raise one’s emotional quotient to increase performance
Approach: Coaching is based on The Flippen Profile, a statistically validated behavioral and performance assessment tool used to identify core competencies and behavioral attributes. Combining a self-profile with input from several close associates or colleagues, the Flippen Profile acts as a basis for personalized action plans. Participants complete the profile on-line in advance of their first coaching session.

Who: Coaching is appropriate for anyone who aspires to break through to the next level – as a leader, entrepreneur, spouse or parent.

When: Following the completion of the online profile, coaching takes place in three phone sessions (two to four weeks apart).

  $1500.00 per person

Getting started: The initial online self-profile takes about 15 minutes. We will also need the names and email addresses of 6 close associates to provide 360 feedback. Once data has been collected, our staff will be in touch to schedule the initial session. To get started, please call The Flippen Group at 800.316.4311.


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