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Accelerating Performance, Productivity, and Profit

The leaders of a business organization are responsible for translating vision into consistent operational and financial results. They must align the thinking and actions of others toward common expectations and goals, without false starts or missteps.

Flippen Leadership Series-2 helps leaders coordinate critical systemic elements of an organization – mission, core principles, vision, capacity for change, alignment tools, accountability, and internal communication – to reach optimal results. Participants learn essential facilitation skills to guide their organization through a rigorous and effective strategic-planning process.

Outcomes: Leaders learn to:
  • Understand how an organization’s systems and structure affect individual and group performance
  • Recognize and overcome system constraints
  • Apply specific tools and strategies to facilitate the strategic-planning process
  • Set priorities and effectively focus organizational resources
  • Optimize staff performance
  • Apply the EXCEL Model™ to move an organization from good to great
Approach: FLS-2 is a dynamic, skill-driven, participatory experience, not a theoretical or motivational lecture. Leaders learn and practice skills they will use and model on a daily basis. In addition, each leader develops a one-page strategic plan to guide efforts back on the job.

Who: FLS-2 is intended for leaders at all levels of an organization. All participants must have previously attended FLS-1.

When: This is a three-day learning experience. Open-enrollment sessions are available throughout the year at locations nationwide. We can also schedule client-booked sessions with up to 30 leaders at a time.

Where: Open-enrollment sessions take place at locations we have found to be conducive to learning. Client-booked sessions can be scheduled at a convenient off-site location in retreat or day formats. We will work with you to determine an appropriate location.

Cost: $795 per person

Other attendance considerations: Flippen Leadership Series-1, which focuses on building high-performing teams and Overcoming Personal Constraints™, is a prerequisite for FLS-2. Leaders are encouraged to attend both FLS-1 and FLS-2 within 6-12 months.

Getting started: To attend an open-enrollment session, click here. To discuss your options for a larger-scale implementation, or for answers to any questions, please call The Flippen Group at 800.316.4311.


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